The product is you!

Carrot and stick

Is this what they mean by 'stick to your diet'?

I spend my days helping people to overcome disordered eating  caused by psychological disturbance about body image.

The hardest part of my job is getting people to see what the problem is and to help them to stop buying into the thin ideal. This is so brainwashed into us from such an early age that, even after I’ve shown them the absolutely sound and solid scientific and medical evidence that buying into the thin ideal is what makes it impossible to actually achieve it, people will still not allow themselves to be released from the struggle. They believe that the thin ideal will bring them all the confidence and happiness that they are convinced that they lack right now. Well, it doesn’t. If you’re a self conscious, anxious and unhappy fat person you’ll be a self conscious, anxious and unhappy thin person.

The problem is not your body, it’s your brain!

Here is an absolutely true and proved statement so read it again and again:

  • In MOST people (98 per cent) The desire for the thin ‘ideal’ creates neurobiological reactions that make it impossible to get the thin ‘ideal’.

The truth is that the persuasion to achieve the thin ideal isn’t ever going to stop while big industries are making money from it. We’ll always be told: ‘Don’t look like that, look like this!’ And we’ll fall into the trap of feeling dissatisfied and we’ll try to make changes – an effort that will lead us to further dissatisfaction. So we’ll pay and pay and pay to try to get back to where we were in the first place!

“There’s never been a better time to buy… You’re living in the
factory, the product being manufactured is you.”

If you do buy into this, you are the product, and you’re turning yourself into faulty goods. You start off as happy and then you want something that’s designed to be impossible to get, so you continue wanting and the wanting takes over your life. You spend the rest of your life like a donkey running after a carrot on a stick. And the running is hard and exhausting and stressful. It makes you sick.

So stop chasing it. Make yourself well. Make yourself happy.

There’s nothing missing. It’s an illusion.

If you find yourself judging people, comparing your body, feeling either inferior or superior depending on how well the other person fits into the ideal – stop and think! Someone’s doing it to you too! Everyone’s doing it to each other. We’re just passively letting ourselves be manipulated into creating wealth for big business at our own expense.

Stop the madness. Fight back. Use your energy for something more worthwile.

About antidieter

My mission is to enlighten people - in more ways than one!
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1 Response to The product is you!

  1. Hidi says:

    I agree completely with your statements. People perceptions towards food and body is so unhealthy; it’s ridiculous.

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