What’s the difference between dieting and healthy eating?

Gillian Mckeith: supporter of healthy eating

Eh? Come on. Tell me. You can’t figure it out can you (at least not sensibly). And that’s because there is NO BLOODY DIFFERENCE!

If science has proved that dieting directly causes you to lose control over food (which it has) and the more you try to diet the more likely you are to gain weight in the long term (which is true) and you put that together with the fact that there’s no difference between healthy eating and dieting…

…think about the implications.

Slowly, slowly, churning, churning. Bingo!

Next time someone says to you: “To lose weight all you have to do is eat healthily,” punch them in the face.

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3 Responses to What’s the difference between dieting and healthy eating?

  1. Sarah says:

    Ha ha, loving Nosferatu…I prefer Gollum though 😉

  2. Abs says:

    It’s funny you should mention this, because today I saw one of the best examples ever of someone in complete denial about what a diet actually is. Someone on a goal-setting website with the goal of “eat 75% raw” was talking about how she’d been “bad” by eating “sugary and unhealthy foods”, using her birthday as an “excuse”. But that after tomorrow it would be “BACK TO THE DIET. Well, not an actual diet, cuz I don’t do that. I really just mean cutting out sugar, processed foods and refined carbs.”

    And that is not a diet how, exactly? Labelling foods good and bad and cutting things out even though you really want to eat them? I was simultaneously amused and saddened and angry. This misconception is so pervasive.

  3. My goodness says:

    Not sure if this is too old, but the above is a load of hogwash. Can’t lose weight by eating healthy? It’s still a ‘diet’ like a Weight Watchers farce? Tell that to my 20kg in four months. I was never hungry, ever. i ate more than I wanted to. I ate four times a day. I ate wonderful, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, nuts, olive oil, red meat, white meat, you name it. I just kept on losing weight. And losing, and losing. All the while I was working out and gaining muscle. It transformed my life. Sound like a starvation diet? All it takes is a bit of self-education. If you’re eating tiny portions, you’re eating trash, and you’re doing so because it’s convenient – be that avoiding retraining your palate, or avoiding actually researching what a good diet is. This is nobody’s fault but your own. I never eat salt, as fresh food has no salt. I eat no salt. Ever. I eat very low levels of fat, because vegetables and fruit have no fat. I eat very little fat. I eat red meat once a week, fish twice a week, chicken twice a week… sound like dieting? I eat all in huge amounts. So your post is hogwash, bad advice, and predicated, I assume, on your being unwilling to accept you eat trash and ‘cheating’ is not an option. I eat salt and fat now and it makes me want to vomit. It’s bad food. Do not eat it if it comes in a tin, or a package, as it is fatty and salty and has no nutritional value. It is that simple.

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