Body image

Things need to change. If you look at blogs and the Internet for alternative looks, you can find lots of them. Websites devoted to ‘big is beautiful’ and campaign after campaign for positive body image and this is leaking into the mainstream. I’ve seen some pop videos (Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce, for example) starring more normal sized dancers than I’ve seen in years.

Things are changing but thin is clinging on in there as the ideal. There’s nothing wrong with being thin, of course, it looks great, but it’s not the only look. It’s not the only good, nice or beautiful look.

It would be very conventional (and boring) of me to now go into a tirade about how the thin ideal causes eating disorders and quote shocking percentages at you about death rates and costs to the NHS, but I won’t (even though it’s true). And I can’t be bothered to keep on spouting the same old stuff as everyone else. I just want to say that not only does the thin ideal cause anorexia, bulimia and disordered eating (yawn) but it also causes compulsive overeating – which, if you’re any good at putting two and two together, also means that it causes obesity.

Obesity, in a great big circle of ridiculousness, is then condemned in favour of thin (which causes it!).

It’s all so obvious and while I do understand that we’ve all heard it before that it’s all about profit for the diet industry and media coercion and consumer spending etc etc etc, and that it is getting a bit old-hat to join the bandwagon, the damage that it wreaks in the psychological health and happiness of ordinary women (like you) is shocking. So I’m going to keep on talking, keep on campaigning and continue to be angry if you don’t mind.

So normal bodies everywhere please (yes, including the thin ones if they’re physically and psychologically healthy and meant to be thin!). Here are some photos to help buck the skinny trend.


Beauty is not a narrow concept


Feast your eyes

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